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Professional services with a genuine care and concern for their clients.


I came to the Frere Realty Team to assist in the sale of the family acreage and to purchase a home in Red Deer.

It was an extremely traumatic time in my family's life, having raised my children on the acreage and now having to downsize and move after a wonderful life in the county. Jon and Dorien Frere were there to help me and my family cope and adjust every step of the way. They always had my family's best interests. On moving day Dorien was right there assisting me with last minute clean up and inspection, she and Jon were there for every inspection of prospective purchases on possible homes in Red Deer and after the choice was made and the move complete Jon and Dorien continued to follow up in the weeks after to make sure that everything was going well. Not only did they take care of the real estate requirements for the sale and purchase they supported my family and me emotionally during the transition. I would recommend the Frere Team to everyone. You could not ask for better professionals. They go above and beyond!


My family and I have had the privilege of working with the Frere Realty team on both the sale of our old house and the purchase of our new one.

I can say without reservations that they are one of the most professional realty teams in Central Alberta and went above and beyond in ensuring we received the best experience possible. They were there to answer all of our questions, and help us make the best decision that fit our family and financial situation. They ensured that no question went unanswered and we were completely comfortable with both the sale and the purchase. Our goals were their goals and this made the experience very enjoyable. I have referred John and Dorian to many of my friends and colleagues and all have came back with amazing experiences and the homes of their dreams. John and Dorian are truly great people, down to earth and in this business for the right reasons. Thank you for always helping us out!


Working with the Frere Realty team, John, Dorian and Eric, is always a breeze.

They are professional to a tee but also very caring and treat you like family. Clients always express, to me, how wonderful they are! They also tell me how thorough and attentive they are during the entire buy or sell process. As a professional partner, they always keep me in the loop which helps the transaction go smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a Realtor. I am proud to work with them at any chance I get!!!!!


From start to finish John was a class act.

When I was away at work he made everything so easy and I never felt rushed. Always listened to what I was asking for and always delivered. I would give him 6 stars. I’ll never doing anything in this industry with out him. Simply the best experience I could’ve ask for.


I've worked with the Frere team to purchase 2 homes and sell one, every interaction I have had with them has been professional and beyond my expectations.

Dorian helped with suggestions to best stage my house for sale and helped pick out a a neutral paint colour when prepping the house. They even came and weeded my over grown garden so my house was ready for the new owners (and I could focus on packing!) I've recommend them to many of my friends, all who have had amazing experiences with the team as well. Highly recommend anyone looking and buying our selling their house to give the team a call!


Here is hoping there is enough space on Google Reviews to provide them the review they deserve.

I have bought 2 houses and sold 1 through the Frere Realty team, and like many other comments on here, refer them to EVERYONE that I know is looking at buying or selling. I quite often say this to people “if that is happening, you do not have the Realtor – you NEED the Frere team”. I was referred to Dorian from my RBC Mortgage Specialist when I was pre qualifying for a mortgage (that was 4.5 years ago). I of course had no clue (single late 20 female at the time) on what I was looking for a layout, things to watch out for. Being so green – I think Dorian took me to literally 15 places one day (dusk till dawn). I am still in the house (which I absolutely still love) and even once in again now her and Johnny always ask if I have buyer’s regrets (they never want anyone to get into something they will regret – even if it means more money in their pockets). After Day 1 – Dorian could peg within 20 seconds of myself walking into a place if my “eye was twitching” and we would literally turnaround and walk out without looking at the rest of the house – she knew me that well! The second house I purchased through the Frere Realty team (anyone a bit emotional like me – grab a Kleenex), was when we lost my sister (27 years old) in 2016. My whole family of course was devastated but my sister, my mom and I were very close. I needed a project to keep my mom and I busy through the winter months and I had Dorian over to ask if a house renovation was something we could do. Within no time at all, Johnny and Dorian were on the hunt doing research comparisons – you know all that fancy stuff people with MBAs like Dorian do (what was the right market/neighborhoods/thresholds that 2 TOTALLY inexperienced females could do this and not lose money). To say they are thorough is a complete understatement. The everlasting support throughout the entire journey (including many tears) would literally take me pages to write. The guidance and questions from the Frere Team “what are you going to do with this, don’t spend money in that, ya you need to spend money on that” is the only reason we didn’t lose our shorts!!! To top it off, the Frere Team (Eric had then joined), completed a TON of pre-marketing before it was ready to be on the market and drew up interest prior. It was a very sentimental occasion to be able to list the house on Mother’s Day weekend and of course the Frere Team had open houses that weekend and we had a conditional offer in 2 days (actually on Mother’s Day which was always an important weekend to us 3) and that offer did close (not without further hiccups of course that I can’t post on Google). And to top if off – this house sold as the highest selling house in that area when we were completed with the largest gap (buying vs. selling price). There is ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOO way any of the above would have happened or be possible without the Frere Realty Team. They are amazing and I could NEVER imagine doing ANY real estate transaction without them involved.


John and Dorian Frere sold our home for us in Springbrook in 2013.

Our experience was nothing short of excellent. They were professional and trustworthy. Dorian went the ‘extra mile’ in helping to stage our house. Both John and Dorian worked hard and made us feel confident with the process. We will continue to highly recommend their services.


We worked with Johnny last spring and summer to find an acreage in Red Deer County.

He was so knowledgeable about things such as septic systems and land designations and all the things we didn’t know as city dwellers. Together we found the perfect place! We could not have asked for a better realtor, and consider Johnny a family friend after all the hours he spent driving around central Alberta with us!! Highly recommend.


I've had the privilege of working with both Eric and John as there home inspector.

The time they put into helping there clients is top notch , as well as there knowledge on the markets and industry. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home.


My family and I had an amazing experience with the Frère realty team.

Johny, Dorian and Eric all have your best interest at heart and that is their only goal. They left no stone unturned and made sure we had the best opportunity to get the best price for our home. Most of all the Frère’s are genuinely great people and will exceed your needs for a realtor. There wouldn’t be anyone I would rather have as my realtor. Thank you guys!


We have had dealing with the Frere real estate team as both buyers and sellers.

We were given great levels of information and advice that made both transactions spectacular. I would highly recommend the Frere real estate team to anyone.


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